There are 2 main reasons for a bad connection:

  1. Overloaded internet channel. To fix it up, please, disable the operating system update and file downloads, close other browser tabs. All devices connected to your Wi-Fi router consume the Internet, so the more devices are connected — the poorer connection you have. This can affect picture quality and latency.
  2. Something affects signal strength. Try to get closer to the router and connect to it with a cable. Check the connector (a plastic tip on the cable) and the integrity of the Internet cable in your apartment, you may need to replace it.

It is important to know

Leave only your device connected — the more connected devices there are (phones, laptops, tablets), the more likely you are to have a poor connection. Close other browser tabs, active torrents, online video playback — this can load the Wi-Fi network.

Update router firmware — outdated software can cause problems with the connection.

In addition, the practice shows that a 2.4 GHz router is more likely to have problems with the stability of the connection than a 5 GHz router.

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