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Some games contain not only game progress in the save files, but also graphics settings. When these settings do not coincide with the predefined ones, problems with video transmission may occur, as in the example below.

There could be other reasons too, an over-cached browser that needs to be cleaned (cache and cookies), or perhaps you try to access our service from a non-supported browser. Anyway, there is a common set of rules and tips to fix this problem on short notice. 

What to do?

  1. Clean your browser cache and cookies (or open your browser tab in Incognito mode) 
  2. Try both browsers (Chrome and Opera), it can be useful to check what browser works better for your PC/laptop. 
  3. Disable VPN/proxies 

If nothing helps you eventually, and the black screen (or error) still pops up - open the Console tab by means of browser settings (e.g. below - Chrome) or press the combination FN + F12 and make a screen of the content within.



The example (above) shows how your Console tab will look like in case there is an error to run a session or even log into the website. 

When you get the Console tab opened you can see what prevents you from accessing our website or games. This information (a screen) should be delivered to our Support team (the lower left corner on the website) 

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