Sometimes it can be tricky to launch FIFA20, and it mainly stems from EA. The universal guideline to launch FIFA20 is the following : 

  1. Try to open the game either in Chrome browser (Incognito mode) or Opera browser (Private window), make sure that only one browser tab is opened. 
  2. In Game Properties - Disable Origin in Game (screens below)
  3. After all the above-mentioned steps are complete, run the game, click on "PLAY" one time and wait (do not click multiple times - it won't speed up the process) 

Pay attention, Origin enables you to access FIFA 20 (from 5 different devices per day), thereafter, you have to wait 24 hours before the limit is reset.

Each newly created session on Boosteroid is perceived as the one from a new device, therefore, you can practically launch FIFA20 only 5-times per day through Boosteroid. 

In case your limit has already been used, we won't be able to help you here.
Access Premier - helps to launch the game an unlimited number of times.

This Answer HQ from EA may also be helpful to review.

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