1. Open the game in the Chrome browser (Incognito mode), make sure that only one browser tab is opened. Moreover, your browser should be updated to the latest version (> Help > About Google Chrome).

  2. In the Game Properties, remove the check - Enable Origin in Game (the screenshot below).

  3. After all the above-mentioned steps are complete, run the game, click on "PLAY" one time and wait (do not click multiple times). 

Pay attention that EA employs the limit of computers that you can access Origin games from.

Each newly created session on Boosteroid is perceived as the one from a new device, therefore, you can launch an Origin game only 5-times per 24 hours through Boosteroid. In case your limit has already been used, we won't be able to help you here.

The launch of any Origin game on your own hardware or any place outside of Boosteroid will also be counted when you start to play on Boosteroid.

You can also take a look at the official EA HQ, where this topic is discussed.

Moreover, there could be other reasons for the inability to launch Origin games. One of the common, your account is temporarily or permanently blocked by EA itself.

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