Sometimes you may experience a different kind of inconvenience throughout the gameplay, whether it be a "poor connection" notification or an input lag with freezing. 

There are some general tips for all users for occasions like this :

  1. Disable from the network (a Wi-Fi router) as many devices as it's possible (preferably all of them) such as phones, tablets, laptops, other household facilities that consume your network channel.
  2. Close all third-party processes and programs on your PC and leave only one browser tab open (in Incognito mode).
  3. Use the latest version of Google Chrome (Incognito mode). 
  4. In case you use a Wi-Fi connection, try to place your device closer to the router.
  5. Check if your browser is updated (Help > About Google Chrome), (Help>About Opera).
  6. Run and play games only in the full-screen mode. 
  7. Disable energy-saving mode on the device you use.
  8. All games are launched with default settings (that are automatically configured given your network and digital environment). Therefore, do not change any of these settings to ensure a good and smooth gaming experience. 

Pay attention: you may experience in-game inconvenience even if preliminary upload and ping tests indicate a good connection. The stability of the channel may vary depending on the degree of how your Internet provider is burdened right now. You may not spot the difference while watching YouTube channels, whereas, in cloud gaming, even a slight drop in the stability of the channel is instantly manifested in delays and poor connection.

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