You can always check your connection with our servers in the upper right corner of the website.

The results you get are accurate and could help you more clearly evaluate the situation with your network.

In general, all the following recommendations could be applied to other cloud gaming platforms as well.

In particular,

  1. Disable as many devices as possible (laptops, phones, tablets, other household facilities) from the sharing Internet connection.
  2. Close all third-party processes and programs on your PC.
  3. Use the latest version of Google Chrome (in the Incognito mode). 
  4. Leave only one browser open.
  5. In case you use a Wi-Fi connection, try to place your device closer to the router. Preferably to use a 5 GHz router for a more stable connection.
  6. Check if your browser is updated to the latest version (Help > About Google Chrome).
  7. Run and play games only in the full-screen mode
  8. Disable energy-saving mode on the device you use.
  9. Do not change in-game settings

Pay attention: you may experience in-game inconvenience even if preliminary upload and ping tests indicate a good connection. The stability of the channel may vary depending on the degree of how your Internet provider is burdened right now. You may not spot the difference while watching YouTube channels, whereas, in cloud gaming, even a slight drop in the stability of the channel is instantly manifested in delays and poor connection.

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