A general guideline on how correctly to report a problem to the support team in order to speed up the process of collecting information and consideration of the case. 

  1. What type of connection do you use? It can be either LAN or Wi-Fi connection, however, even if you use a cable, provide a support operator with details on an intermediary of this connection (a cable through a modem or / a router).  

  2. How many devices are connected wirellesly? In the place where you try to play on the platform. Have you tried to disable all devices from the network and run any game afterwards?

  3. Have you tried to launch a game when all third-party processes, programs and  browser tabs were closed on your device?

  4. Has the problem or situation happened before? It can be a new issue for you, or it has been happening for a long time.

  5. Have you tried both browsers to see the difference? We support only Chrome and Opera. Try Chrome in Incognito mode and Opera in Private window. Make sure your browser is updated. 

  6. Speedtest results. 

  7. Before referring your problem to the support team, please check if you PC properties and network results meet our General requirements.

  8. If the problem is hard to explain or some bug has been revealed that needs to be thoroughly considered by our team, please record a short video of the issue you encountered, upload the video here or on YouTube channel and attach a session ID code relevant to the streaming session you recorded on the video.

  9. Check if VPN / proxies are disabled on your device. When you try to play at your office workplace, school, or other public places where a proxy is enabled by default, chances are high  you won't be able to reach Boosteroid's streaming gateways and the following notification pops up:

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