When you are about to launch Fortnite on the platform, pay attention that the game can be launched only by putting down credentials in the empty fields Email and Password.

Therefore, please choose the first option "SIGN IN WITH EPIC GAMES".

If you are not able to put @ sign in the empty field. Choose the English/American keyboard layout and press the combination of Shift + 2.

The following authorization options - don't work (the screenshot below). 

In addition, there could be problems on the side of Epic, therefore, follow the link below to see the current status of the servers - https://status.epicgames.com/

Pay attention that you may also encounter an authorization problem of your credentials. When this happens, please do the following diagnostic procedure (as in the gif animation below) and send all information (with attached screenshots) to any vacant support operator in the chat. 

Preliminary, please check the following :

  1. Reboot your PC/laptop.
  2. Clear your browser cookies and cache.
  3. Open the latest version of the Google Chrome browser (in Incognito mode).
  4. Check all credentials you put in the empty fields (perhaps you did misspell something). 
  5. The common error - a different keyboard layout. You should switch to the latest English/American keyboard layout.

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