Before purchasing a subscription, you should check your connection with our servers in order to exclude the possibility something may not be working for you the way you anticipated it.

The speed test may be accessed (taken) in the upper right corner of the website.

Click one time the Speed test icon and wait until the page loads.

The test displays both latency and bandwidth indicators. Marking the results in different colors.

  • The results marked in green are the best you can possibly have. You can also see a notification about the near distance to our servers. All indicators are more than sufficient to play in a comfortable way on Boosteroid.
  • The results marked in blue are good enough to play in a comfortable way. However, these results can be subject to improvement.
  • The results marked in yellow indicate a weak connection that can potentially be manifested in deterioration of the gameplay. At this point, we are not able to guarantee you a good experience on the platform.
  • The results marked in red are those you don't want to see at all. The reason for this could be a substantial distance between our servers and the place where you reside or, perhaps, you have a merely weak connection.

You can unfold our connection improvement tips by clicking the "arrow" sign. If you don't unfold the tips, you will be automatically redirected to the Home page after 60 seconds are passed.

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