Prior to purchasing a Boosteroid subscription, you should check your connection with our servers.

  • Click the Speedtest icon in the upper-right corner of the website, and wait until the page loads.

  • Green results are the best you can possibly have. You're probably near Boosteroid's servers. All indicators are more than sufficient to play in a comfortable way on Boosteroid.

  • Blue results are good enough to play at 60 fps, Full HD 1080p. However, these results can be subject to improvement.

  • Yellow results indicate a weak connection that can potentially be manifested in deterioration of the gameplay. At this point, we are not able to guarantee you a good experience on the platform.

  • Red results are those you don't want to see at all. The reason for this could be a substantial distance between our servers and the place where you reside or, perhaps, you have a merely weak connection.


  1. You should pass the test at least twice. If you have an unstable connection, the results at different periods of time may vary.

  2. Browser-based cloud gaming is not suitable for professional and high-level competitive plays.

  3. You can unfold our connection improvement tips by clicking the "arrow" sign.

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