Connection improvement tips

If you start to experience any sort of lagging or the visual quality is getting poor during your game session, you should pay attention to the following:

Apart from your Internet connection, there are other factors that could potentially cause these issues:

  • Your device is not compatible with our requirements, hence when you play games on Boosteroid, the Memory and CPU of your device would be heavily loaded.

  • A vast distance from our servers. The closer you reside to our servers, the better the ping and quality of your game session.

Take a look at the connection improvement tips below that you should apply before and during your playtime on Boosteroid. Note, that these tips are universal and could be used on other cloud gaming platforms as well.

  1. You should use either a fiber optic cable, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi 5 GHz. If you use a Wi-Fi router at the frequency of 2.4 GHz, a DSL connection, or even a mobile network, chances are high that your gameplay won't be smooth.

  2. Reduce the load on your Internet connection. If you share your Internet connection with other people, kindly ask them not to download, upload files, or watch any bulky videos when you play through Boosteroid. If other digital services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon) allow you to simultaneously use your Internet connection for other online activities, any cloud gaming platform you play on would strongly recommend avoiding this from happening.

  3. Reduce the load on your device (Memory, CPU). In other words, close all browsers, tabs, programs, and processes on your device. If you want an example of how your PC desktop should look prior to running video games through Boosteroid, please take a look at this screenshot.

  4. Make sure VPN, Firewall, and Adblocker are not enabled on your device. You can also use Incognito mode before running a game through the browser, this way, you won’t need to close the above-mentioned tools on your own.

  5. Check out different browsers (Opera, Chrome) and the Windows application, if one of them gets you a better visual and game experience, then you should stick to that option.

  6. If something didn’t work the first time (you failed to connect to a VM, or any particular game is not working), please try the same procedure in a few minutes or later before referring to the support chat. Very often, a problem gets solved by merely rebooting either your router, device, browser, or even the application.

  7. Disable the energy-saving mode on your device (in particular for phones, tablets, and laptops).

  8. Use Boosteroid at different periods of time, at some point, your Internet is working better due to less load and demand.

  9. Regardless of the quality and bandwidth of your Internet connection, If you prefer running competitive multiplayer shooters such as Fortnite, Warzone, CS:GO where every millisecond decides whether you lose or win the game, be ready that your gameplay won't be the same as if you were playing these games on your own hardware.

  10. It has been discovered that macOS Geolocation Services can degrade network quality. For now, we recommend disabling these services. For more information on geolocation services see here:

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