How can I pay through Netopia SMS?

Netopia SMS payment method is available only in Romania and only for Orange, Telecom, and Vodafone users. By means of Netopia SMS, you can purchase a BOOSTEROID Start (1-month) subscription. The cost of the BOOSTEROID subscription bought via Netopia is 11.9 EUR (VAT included).

When you choose this payment method you’ll be redirected to the Netopia SMS payment page where you should provide your phone number. Then you should send an SMS to request the subscription, and another SMS to activate it, according to the instructions provided by Netopia.

With the SMS from Netopia confirming your payment, you will also receive instructions on how to unsubscribe. Save your Validation code and short number received from Netopia to manage your subscription and to unsubscribe.

Pay attention that if you purchase your subscription by means of Netopia SMS, it gets automatically renewed upon its expiration date.

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