How can I pay through SelfPay?

  • SelfPay - is a no-card payment method that allows you to purchase a subscription on Boosteroid with cash.

    The procedure is very simple. SelfPay can be used to purchase the following tariff plans :

    1. 450 RON - one year 

    2. 50 RON - one month 

    3. Click any tariff plan from the list (the example below for a monthly subscription plan) and check the box to accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

      When you check the box and click "Proceed" you will be redirected to the SelfPay checkout page.

      Here, you can generate a code (13 numbers) that remains valid until you enter the code in a nearby Selfpay terminal.

      Click "How to pay using SelfPay Payment Stations?" to get more information.

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