The "Install" section

As you can see there is an "Install" section on the website.

How is it different from a library?

The games in the "Install" section are not stored on our servers. Therefore, you are able to play your favorite games, but only after you install them yourself on our remote gaming desktop. You can do that by clicking the "Install & Play" button near the game title. 

The installation process is easy and optimized to be fast, so it won't take a lot of additional time. 

However, please note:

  • You can only install the games from the list in this section. It is impossible to install any game you want to.

  • You still have to own the games which require a license. We do not provide free access to "License required" games.

How does it work?

You choose a game you'd like to play and press "Install & Play". After that, a gaming session is launched and you need to accept the license agreement.

 The installation process looks like this (don't worry, it doesn't take a lot of time):

After the game is installed, you need to enter the launcher and you can start playing as usual.

 In case you have any difficulties, please contact our support chat.


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