Can I play on mobile devices?

Yes, we support the cloud streaming of video games on mobile devices.

There are some conditions you need to be aware of:

  1. Only video games with the support of a gamepad can be launched.
  2. Your smartphone/tablet must meet the minimum requirements
  3. Mouse and keyboard controls are not supported.
  4. Your phone or tablet needs to be charged at more than 50% with disabled energy-saving mode.
  5. The functionality is currently in testing mode.

In details about the requirements,


Android Phone Requirements:

- A phone with 2GB RAM or more

- OpenGL ES 3.2

- Android 5.0 or higher

- Bluetooth or OTG (support)

- The latest version of Google Chrome

- h.264 hardware decoding (support)

- WebRTC (support)

Possible problems and questions:

- The back button of a gamepad closes the game session - on the part of a phone, the back button of the connected gamepad is a system button and fulfills the back action in the browser. To use the function of the "back" button, you have to use the "back" button drawn on the phone screen.


iPhone Requirements:

- iPhone version 7 or higher

- Safari web browser

Possible problems and questions:

- The "back" and "start" buttons are not recognized by iPhone. To use the function of the "back" and "start" buttons, you should use the "back" and "start" buttons drawn on the phone screen.

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