MTR test

If you're experiencing problems with your game session, whether lagging, the quality of the video, or freezing, we recommend passing the MTR test to get to the bottom of the issue.

Pay attention, that you should also check our connection improvement tips and try to apply as many of them as possible before launching games through Boosteroid.

Since cloud gaming is a very complex technology and the proper functioning of any cloud gaming service depends on many factors, it's necessary to establish what exactly prevents you from comfortable use of Boosteroid.

  1. Download WinMTR

  2. Extract the contents of the .zip file to your desktop.

  3. Open the WinMTR folder, then open the folder that matches your version of Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) and run WinMTR.exe.

  4. Launch the game you want to play. 

  5. Enter the IP address you want to test in the Host field. You can learn how to get the IP address of the Boosteroid server below.

  6. After ten minutes of play, you need to check if more than 500 packets have been sent (the fourth column > 500), if so, take a screenshot of the WinMTR window, if not wait until the value is greater than 500.

  7. Reply to the chat and attach a screenshot. Example of a screenshot.


How to get the IP address of a Boosteroid server?

For native client

Open the session overlay (Ctrl + F2 for Windows & Linux, hold the ESC button for macOS) and click the "Show advanced information" button.

Then a new window appears with session information. You'll be able to see the server IP address there.

Please note that the IP address may differ from the one shown in the screenshot depending on the Boosteroid server you are connecting to.

For browser

Press F12 (or Ctrl + Shift + I) and choose the Console tab.


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