Wireless (Bluetooth) headphones

Generally, we don't recommend using wireless headphones (such as Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, etc.) while playing on our service since using any Bluetooth headphones may work unsatisfactorily due to the protocols they use.

These headphones can work in two versions:

  1. "Headphones - STEREO" (uses A2DP, high-quality stereo sound, the microphone does not work);

    A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) - advanced audio transmission profile; designed to transmit a two-channel (stereo) audio stream (for example, music) over a Bluetooth radio channel to any receiving device (to a wireless headset or any other device). The bandwidth of the Bluetooth channel is not enough to transmit a two-channel audio signal of acceptable quality without compression.

  2. "Headset - HANDS-FREE AUDIO" (uses Hands-Free profile or Headset (HFP/HSP) - mono sound, low sound quality with microphone option)

In some operating systems, when connecting Bluetooth headphones, these protocols will be available as two different audio devices, while in others, it may be one audio device that automatically changes the profile.

You can also try changing the headphones protocol your device is using in its settings if such an option is available (e.g. on Windows, you can manually choose what protocol to use in the sound options if the headphones support the protocol selection). Also, in our native desktop applications, you can choose the sound output device in the settings.


In summary, it won't be possible to use such headphones as a headset (a microphone with audio output) in good sound quality. Therefore, we recommend using another microphone in the system as the default microphone if you want to get a high-quality stereo sound via wireless headphones.

Note: this problem is typical for both the native client and the browser, and can't be fixed on our side.

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