Problems launching a video game

If you encounter a problem with launching games on Boosteroid, you should be aware of the possible way to fix this.

The problem can be manifested in:

  • The loading process gets stuck, and you receive an error on the screen.

  • A video game you launch instantly crashes.

When this happens in the browser, please:

  1. Run the game in the Incognito mode (Chrome browser).

  2. Check if the browser is updated to the latest version (Settings > Help > About Google Chrome). 

  3. Clear cookies and cache in the browser (or merely use Incognito).

  4. Reboot your device.

  5. Make sure VPN and proxies are disabled (Settings > Advanced > System). The same relates to any Adblock extension in the browser.

  6. Check your connection with our servers (in the upper right corner of the website), the connection should not be less than 5 Mbps. 

  7. It has been discovered that Apple Private Relay can cause connectivity issues. Therefore, we recommend disabling it. You can use this article for further instructions -

  8. It has been discovered that the NSURLSession WebSocket feature can cause connectivity issues in the Safari browser. We recommend disabling it. You can do that by following these steps on iOS:

    Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Experimental Features -> NSURLSession WebSocket (turn off).

    For macOS:

    • Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Put a check mark on "Show Develop menu in the menu bar"

    • Safari -> Develop -> Experimental Features -> NSURLSession WebSocket (turn off)

When this happens in the native application, please:

  1. Disable any third-party antiviruses and the Windows firewall.

  2. Run the application as administrator.

  3. Disable every Startup application on your PC (For Windows - Start > Settings > Apps > Startup), restart your PC, and relaunch the application.

  4. Try our tips from the article Native applications keys.

  5. Reinstall the application once the Windows firewall and antiviruses are disabled.

If none of these tips resolved the problem, please contact our support team and we'll analyze your issue more thoroughly.

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